Get access to ANK101, ANK201 and ANK301 and learn how to make 12 different Ankara Accessories.


1) ANK 101: Introduction to Ankara Accessories

In this course, you would be taught how to make the following:

1) Ankara Bangle
2) Ankara Earrings
3) Ankara Bow
4) Ankara Pocket Square
5) Ankara Hair Band
6) Ankara Petal Brooch
7) Ankara Flower Brooch
8) Ankara Hair Clip
9) Ankara Necklace
10) Ankara Writing Pad


2) ANK 201: Ankara Slippers Course

This course entails all the details involved in making Ankara slippers.

You are going to be taught:

- The tools and materials needed to make Ankara slippers
- How to design a pair of slippers
- How to create the pattern for your pair slippers
- How to make the inner sole
- How to fix the inner sole to the outer sole
- How to make the slippers strap
- How to fix the slippers strap
- How to accessorize the slippers strap


3) ANK 301: Ankara Hand Bag Course

This course entails all the details involved in making an Ankara handbag from scratch.

You are going to be taught:

- The tools and materials needed to make Ankara hand bags
- How to design a bag
- How to create a pattern for your design
- The anatomy of a bag
- How to make the different parts of the bag
- How to put all the parts together
- How to make a closure for the bag
- How to make handles for bags
- How to accessorize a chain handle
- How to fix the handle to your bag

This online training has been taken by over 300 people from the United States, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya and the United Kingdom.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q: How does this work?
A: Once you make payment, you will get your login details and be able to have access to the courses.

Q: Is the training live?
A: No, the videos have been pre-recorded and uploaded on our website; you can access them with a username and password.

Q: How long is the training?
A: It depends on your schedule. You can create time and take all the lessons at once or you can decide to spread them out and learn gradually, depending on what suits you best. You have access to the training for 3 months.

Q: Will the classes involve the use of a sewing machine?
A: No, our classes do not involve the use of a sewing machine. We would teach you how to make these accessories without a sewing machine.

Q: What tools do I need for the course?
A: The tools and materials you need are listed and displayed at the beginning of the lesson, you can pause the video and note them down. You are not restricted to the exact tools and materials we used, feel free to use alternatives.

Q: How many bag designs do you teach?
A: We teach you the main techniques and process of making a bag and you can apply this method to innovate different bag designs. Instead of making you to pay a higher fee for a course with varying bag designs, we let you pay less and encourage you to explore your creativity to come up with as many designs as you want after taking the course.

Q: What type of device do I need to watch the lessons?
A: You can watch the lessons with any device that has access to the internet. i.e a mobile phone, computer, iPad or tablet.

Q: Can I download the lessons?
A: You can’t download the videos but they will always be available for you to watch online when you log into your account during your 3 months access period.

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We look forward to seeing you in class!

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